Monday, August 16, 2010

Michael's lab is slowly taking shape.

Michael made tremendous strides with his space over the weekend while I proceeded to make a fabric bomb go off in my studio. These are a few shots of the little things, which I find infinitely fascinating.


The map of Panama hung above my grandfather's desk until he died. My father was born at Hacienda Cincinnati and while he was still young, my grandfather accepted a job that took him to the Canal Zone. So most of his childhood/teenage years was spent there. It's time crack open Vista Nieve again, which was written by Mel Carriker, who was my father's first cousin. His mother and my grandmother were sisters. I am named after my grandmother, who was in turn named after her mother, Eva Flye. Among our many projects is to scan the countless photos from Colombia that somehow ended up in our family. I don't know if my great grandparents had multiple prints made of the photos for all of the children or what. Sadly, that information is long gone.

Enough about me...

amp2 tubes


I'm looking forward to the day we have wood floors upstairs. The wall color is leftover from the previous owners. Michael wanted to paint it, and that may be done down the road, but I think the color adds to the vintage feel.


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