Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I posted our awesome bamboo chandelier a while back and was considering painting it red. I knew better to wait and see it hanging in it's new location before making that decision. Well, we've decided to go with a charcoal grey above the wainscoting in the dining room, and I've decided not to push the issue. I want to leave it the original color. Our sconces will need a gold touch up.

Click image to enlarge.

We're off to pick out more paint samples and some frosty bulbs. I also found our mirrored switch plates during the move. I think they'll be divine in this room.


lostandfawned said...

Aww man. I cannot wait to see your finished home. It's going to be so mucho gorgeous.

Evita said...

At the rate we're going, it's going to be what feels like an eternity. Be sure to keep breathing, ok?

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