Monday, May 17, 2010


I'd like to call it 'le papillon vert' and I think it'd be absolutely beautiful in the new studio. Maybe I'll make enough clams on the 5th to give it a new home.

Made by the wonderfully talented Valentina Ramos.
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Here is the listing for Luisa.


Eve Trombley said...

Oh my goodness is that ever stunning! One of her prints is hanging in Cassandra's nursery... I adore her work.

I wanted to let you know that I'm following your blog now and have added a link to your site from mine since you have so many gorgeous and inspirational pictures. :)

(btw... I'm "allaboutevelyn" from LJ in case you weren't sure.)

Evita said...

Hey lady! I had an inkling it was you and then you confirmed it. Cassandra was a give away. :)

Flippin' sweet! More design porn.

Evita said...

Oh! I added you to my reader and list as well.

Eve Trombley said...

Awesome! :) And I went back through Valentina's shop and now there's about a zillion more items for me to covet...

Evita said...

Those iPhone covers are pretty much made of awesome. I could kick myself for staying away from my reader long enough to miss this!

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