Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tinker Toys

Two 'Bon Weekends' and nothing in between? So much for my not neglecting my blog...

I think I have a legitimate reason. Here's an update on the Great Tea Party from last week. Michael got home yesterday but was unable to pull apart my laptop until this morning. I would have done it, but he loves this stuff so much. Prognosis? Keyboard is mostly dead and loves to spaz out and start typing on it's own and does some other crazy stuff. Even with the external plugged in, it will start doing it when it feels like throwing a tantrum. We leaning towards buying a used on on eBay and see it that changes anything. In the meantime I will back up essential files and work on billing Andy so that I can get a new computer. I will use this intermittently and use my phone for primary access. So...I won't be as active. The good? It's making me get stuff done for Inman Park. The bad? I'm not comfortable doing some of the work I need to be doing until this can be addressed with a new machine.

Oh well, it's time.

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