Monday, January 24, 2011

A spoon full of anything...

Tablespoon Measuring Cup
{ A dram or so of whiskey, that age old remedy. }

Happy Monday! I don't normally like to brag about gifts, but I scored the Tablespoon Measuring Cup from Kaufman Mercantile this past Christmas. It's a lab quality borosilicate glass cup for measuring, mixing and heating. The non-reactive glass makes it ideal to mix small amounts of ingredients and the tiny spout allows for easy pouring. I finally had the chance to take this for a {s}whirl yesterday and I couldn't be more delighted with it and definitely recommend it.

While I was on the Kaufman Mercantile Blog, I saw a post featuring this beautiful antique horn measuring cup. The article describes in detail how these were made and what remedies may have filled this beauty, especially the popular age old elixir, whiskey.

{ The hand carved dose lines are amazing! }

I decided to look for other old measures and stumbled upon this formaldehyde measuring cup.

Formaldehyde Cup
{ I'm considering making the front image of this my new avatar! }
Item description:
2 oz. tin cup for measuring formaldehyde to water ratio when preparing a fungicide spray. There is an image of a formaldehyde can on the side and the inscription "Kills Smut." It has instructions for mixing with various quantities of water.

It's a tad cost prohibitive for me at this point, but if it's still around down the road I will reconsider! I'm going to continue looking for similar such items and will post them as they're found! I'm always open to supplied links. ;)

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